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Gregorian calendar: 29 August 2014
Jewish calendar: 3 Elul 5774
Islamic calendar: 3 Dhu al-Qa'da 1435
Chinese calendar: 5 day 8 month 4411 year

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• International Day Against Nuclear Tests (United Nations)
• Slovak National Uprising Anniversary (Slovakia)
• First Day of Thoth - First Day of the Egyptian Calendar (Egypt)
• Museum Embankment Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)
• Nut Spas (Orthodox)
• Oatmeal Festival (Texas, USA)
• According to Hoyle Day (USA)
• More Herbs, Less Salt Day (USA)
• Chop Suey Day (USA)
• Lemon Juice Day (USA)
Examples of free Sms texts for sending

Its another birthday for you. God picked another petals on your flower, wishing your flowers may bloom for year

Birthday greetings for sms messages

You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean, and the beat in my heart

Cute texts for sms messages

Misfortune shows those who are not really friends. - Aristotle

Friendship texts for sms messages

Love begins with a smile, grow with a kiss and ends with a tear. Don't worry it begins again with a text

Good luck texts for sms messages

Excuse me, can you let me come a little closer to your heart

Love texts for sms messages

Your touch is with me always it's burnt into my skin as soft and warm as sun rays when a summer they sets in

Love texts for sms messages

How do frogs die? They ker-mit suicide

Riddle, puzzle for sms messages

You will never find yourself until you face the truth

Thank texts for sms messages

Happy birthday f-r-i-e-n-d

Birthday greetings for sms messages

Sacrifices make a big difference

Cute texts for sms messages